GroomingWe have always been known for grooming all breeds.  Large and small, we clean them all! Our skilled stylists will pamper your pooch with the finest facials, perfect pedicures, & delightful doo’s. Simply a treat for your canine or feline!

If your pooch has high anxiety, we will do our best to calm their nerves.  We take our time with all the animals. Our behavioral specialist(s) will be involved in the grooming process to ensure a safe & happy experience. The All Creatures group works together to provide top care for your pet during the pampering process.

* Not all of our prices are listed. Your dog will have to be seen to discuss pricing options for specific services. Please give us a call at 315.533.6139 to discuss!


Grooming Price Changes

Standard Grooming

* Ear cleaning $13 +tax *

DoggieGroom1* Full body brushing *

* Hand & safe pet drying *

* Nail trims $20

*Dremel / filing $25

* Shampoo/Conditioning treatment *

* Soothing massage & bath with HydroSurge® technology *

* Furminator $20 +tax to additional to standard / deluxe grooming *

* Flea bath $10 +tax to additional to standard / deluxe grooming *

* Blueberry facial $5 +tax *

*Anal gland expression $20

*Nail trim, Ear and Teeth Cleaning package $35.00

Treatments *

* Sanitary trims *

* Shampoo/Conditioning treatment *

*Nail trim, ear and teeth cleaning package $35

* Soothing massage & bath with Hydrosurge technology

Deluxe Grooming

*Breath fresher*

* Breed standard haircut *

DoggieGroom2* De-Shed *

* Ear cleaning $13 +tax *

* Enzyme treatments *

* Facials *

* Full body brushing *

* Hand & safe pet drying *

* Nail trims $20

* Dremel / filing $25

* Color enamel (ask for pricing) *

* Paw & pad moisturizing

* Teeth cleaning & enzymatic treatment $13 +tax *

* Furminator $20 +tax to additional to standard / deluxe grooming *

* Flea bath $10 +tax to additional to standard / deluxe grooming *

* Blueberry facial $5 +tax * [/tab] [/tabcontent]


A little about our Spa Baths…

Relaxing lavender scent, leaves coat shiny and brilliantly clean, good for every dog.
Reduces mats and fly-aways, promotes a healthy strong coat.
Reduces dry skin, dandruff, scaling, itchiness and odor, helps heal skin damage caused by scratching, good for dogs with inflamed skin or dermatitis.
Moisturizes coat and skin, good for dogs with dry or sensitive skin
Fragrance and dye free, hypoallergenic, tearless, gentle and mild, good for puppies and dogs with sensitive skin and coats.
Ultra Black
Enriches and intensifies black and dark coats, eliminates red tones and brassiness, good for dogs with black or dark coats.
Adds brilliance and sparkle to coat, naturally whitens and brightens without damaging coat, good for dogs with white, silver and light coats.

A little about HydroSurge ®…

HydroSurge® Bath |
Our bathing system helps by bringing oxygen down to the skin and improves the range in motion of older dogs. The massaging stimulates blood flow which aids in the treatment of dermatological conditions. Soothing warm water therapy for dogs, perfect for aching joints and sore muscles!

Furminator® Hair Removal

Furminator®  |
Help take the stress out of shedding. This process will make your life easier and definitely less “hairy”.


Be Prepared For Your Visit!

Please be sure to check over our “Requirements” before your pet stays or plays with us! We need to ensure the health and safety of all the animals that come into our facility …

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