When you board your pet with us, you can ensure that they are getting top notch care.  We know that your pet needs love and affection while you are away, and they are in a strange place. Our staff takes every pet under their wing to ensure that each animal is properly socialized and in constant interaction with other friendly animals during their stay.  Whether you board your pet for a weekend or a month, our staff truly cares about the health and happiness of your precious fur-baby!

We’ll make sure they have a well-rounded experience while they stay with All Creatures. Who doesn’t love a well behaved and tuckered out pup?!

Due to high demand, we require a deposit for any boarding over a 3 day span.

Our boarding facility is free of “human-type” furniture, so we maintain the good habits that you have worked so hard to instill at home. All of our doggie beds are specific for dogs, along with the toys that we provide for play time.

*asterisk signifies a small fee involved for service.

  • BEdBoardingMeals are served twice daily (or more for puppies).Daily housekeeping services keep pets clean and dry. Fresh water is available at all times.
  • Disinfected potty areas (twice daily).
  • A highly-motivated staff monitors food intake and elimination.
  • Safe toys are offered to keep chewers and active dogs busy.
  • Every dog receives a 5-point wellness check daily to monitor health.
  • Playtime indoors or outdoors in our clean play area! Totally separate from their potty area.


Be Prepared For Your Visit!

Please be sure to check over our “Requirements” before your pet stays or plays with us! We need to ensure the health and safety of all the animals that come into our facility …

Learn The Requirements >>

Speed up your check-in process by downloading the form above, pre filling out the information and bringing the form in when dropping off your pet. At this time we are under COVID restrictions and are offering curbside pick up and drop off for your pets. Just give us a call 315-533-6139 to let us know you have arrived in the no parking zone.